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  • Ms Simone Reage

Brighton August 29th with Miss Mina the Sinner

Ahead of My next trip to Brighton for a day of doubles with Miss Mina, I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some of our past exploits together. Two particular incidents stand out for the sheer level of filth, degeneracy and depravity We got to inflict.

Having been approached by a slut who proclaimed himself to be quite the anal aficionado, Miss Mina got in touch with Me to ask if I would be interested in destroying him together - it being a long term goal of ours to hold hands inside someone's arsehole. I travelled up to Brighton eager to see if this bitchboy lived up to his promises. Arriving to the dungeon, Miss Mina and I changed into our fetching matching berets, and stripped our victim off before strapping him to a spanking bench, happily huffing away on some aromas. We warmed up by entertaining our sadistic sides, starting with a good old fashioned spanking, before escalating things with some hard punches, always a favourite of mine for impact.

This brought us to the main event - seeing exactly how much we could fit into this man's cavernous arsehole. We started by introducing a succession of ever larger plugs, continuing the impact all the while. This fun was only stopped by the inconvenience of our little tart's arse bone, which unfortunately stopped us from filling him with our largest, and most impressive plug.

Sufficiently satisfied we had prepared the hole for the main event, We moved the slut into the medical room, where he was strapped into a straight jacket, tied to a gynaecological chair, and hooked up to a gasmask with which we could supply him with a steady flow of aromas. Staring up at himself in the mirror he was able to watch as Miss Mina and I took turns pounding his hole with our fists stretching him open until We were able to fit both our hands in at once and link fingers. Finally our goal achieved! We weren't finished with him though, and well over an hour passed while we tested the limits of what his arsehole could achieve. He took it all admirably, and was well satisfied being left a gaping mess by the end of the session.

Another incident that sticks out is with one of My most committed toilet submissives. He had been asking Me for some time to try and arrange a duo hardsports session and Miss Mina, being of an equally filthy disposition, was a perfect fit. As this particular toilet of Mine likes to add an element of roleplay to his sessions, We decided to go with a schoolgirl theme.

Dressed in pleated miniskirts and shirts, We decided to abuse him as our perverted teacher, who spies on us and looks up our skirts. To get our revenge, We stripped him off and abused him with our stinky socks and hairy sweaty armpits. Then We forced him into the school showers to abuse him in the most degrading way possible - as our personal toilet, consuming both shit and piss. It was great fun to laugh at him covered in our excrement, especially when We made him eat it.

I will be offering sessions with Miss Mina in Brighton on the 29th of August, and you can apply to serve by emailing Me at with the subject line 'Brighton 29th'. You can also apply to serve us both in either Brighton or London at any time provided you are willing to pay an additional £100 for either Miss Mina or I's travel, depending on session location. We are available for FMTY/TMTY bookings upon request, all expenses to be paid by you.

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