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Mistress Mina is a seductively strict Brighton based professional domina. A true naturally dominant woman with a penchant for all things filthy and mean. Wickedly devious, devilishly creative; cruel yet compassionate. Her authoritative demeanour and mischievous charm will quickly have you enamoured and if you want Her to, She will push you to your limits and guide you to places you never thought you could reach through kink.  Some of Mistress Mina's favourite kinds of play involve latex, long heavy bondage scenes, humiliation, degradation and corporal punishment. However, She can cater to so much more.


Miss Pamela Blonde is a Scottish Mistress with passion for liberating submissives and guiding them through their most intense and disgusting fantasies. Whether in Latex or Lingerie, she is a strict yet sensual seductress, she gets her kicks out of teasing her submissives throughout her sessions, using what she discovers makes each individual’s mind weaker and easier to manipulate. Miss Blonde enjoys nothing more than to inflict pain through CBT and impact play, you’ll quickly realise this just from the look in her eyes as she leaves her mark on you. She also enjoys roleplay, anal play, watersports, foot and body worship and much more..


Hardcore with a playful edge For Me, being a Dominatrix is not performative, it’s not a game or a gimmick. My dominance is authentic, it’s integral to My identity. It isn’t just the clothes I wear or titles I assume, it's who I am. I’ve been practising BDSM for over a decade, but it’s FemDom that's My true passion. It excites, inspires and fulfils Me. I genuinely love what I do, and derive real pleasure from every interaction with My submissives. I have an unquenchable thirst for depravity, a terrifyingly creative imagination and an irrepressible desire for psychological control. ​ I enjoy a varied set of interests, but My true passion is filth, degradation & unusual, weird or disgusting fantasies.

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Estella is a notorious pornstar and rough queer top - Your curvaceous goddess in combat boots and a strap on harness with a mean girl private school accent. ​ She is a huge fan of sadism, corporal punishment, strap, prostate milking, fisting, spit, foot worship, trampling, Shibari, humiliation, chastity, cbt, edging, waterspouts, hard sports, cuckolding and humiliation.


Domination is at the core of Miss Golds being, a day doesn’t pass where a man doesn’t feel weak in her presence. She enjoys play that’s brutal, animalistic and humiliating. She likes to look you in the eye as she gags you on her unwashed foot, and feels that a man’s place is to serve as the toilet of a Goddess. Despite her extreme tastes in BDSM, Miss Gold has a warm and nurturing nature, which will make her hard to get out of your mind. She has a vast collection of luxury lingerie as well as an extensive sneaker collection. She’s as comfortable dominating a submissive in a tracksuit as she is dressed in Agent Provocateur. Her authoritative demeanour wills you to submit wherever, whenever and however she decides… Miss Gold particularly enjoys toilet play/training, verbal humiliation, impact play, CBT, role play and foot worship.

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