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Ms Simone’s presence commanded attention as she towered over me at the start of the session. (I am 6’ 5” but felt tiny and insignificant next to her).  She proceeded to talk very quietly and started to gently wrap my body in cling film. This was the start of bondage and the whole process was pure theatre.  Layer upon layer of tape was meticulously applied and any movement I had was becoming more and more restricted.  Eventually I was invited to lie down before being tied further with an intricate web of rope and then I was blindfolded with a bandage.  

Now Patient 0 was ready for Nurse’s evil attention.  Completely bound and helpless, the nipples and cock and balls were all exposed for Nurse’s play and amusement.  Be assured she enjoyed teasing, torturing and tormenting my body. 

It was a truly wonderful session and l look forward to further bondage and torture sessions.  I think next time I will book for 3 hours as 2 hours flew by with the build up and continual increase in tension of the bondage scenario. 

Thank you Ms Simone!

Sub J, January 2024


At Ms Simone’s 

Just a few moments into my first visit to Ms Simone and I knew I was in the right place for a fantastic and memorable time. It felt natural to sink to my knees in the presence of her beauty and imposing stature, which were every bit as exhilarating as her photos. She made me feel fundamentally safe, but also scared of her – in a nice way. It was easy to sink into submissive headspace and relish the pain, humiliation and degradation that Ms Simone dished out so expertly. 

Ms Simone is really interested in ‘getting into your head’, and it certainly worked for me. There was no doubt that she was in control, but I felt that she was sensitive to my reactions and I was not just willing but eager for her to stretch my limits. She exuded an aura of sensuality that made me wild with desire and my cock rock hard – something which facilitated the scary CBT she subjected me to. Lying flat on a couch, looking up at Ms Simone as she cooly tightened the screws on a device to squash my balls flat, is an image burned in my mind. 

During two hours of filthy play Ms Simone graced me with her spit and piss, so I left blissfully happy with her offering inside me and many blissful memories. Everything that I had hoped for and fantasised about from her social media had been made real. That's pro-domme perfection!

Sub T, February 2023


Just saying thanks again for a wonderful session today. It was really great to meet you finally, and I hope your time wasn't too tight at the end.

  • when you had by cock and balls tied up, it felt like my cock was going to explode. I haven't had it as hard as that for i don't now how long. It was very overwhelming.

  • the rope bondage was good, especially when you immobilised my arms (first with rope, then with the second layer of wrap)

  • felt very safe, in the SSC sense. Glad to hear (And later see) you had safety shears, and so on.

  • the slightly "predicament" elements of the bondage were good, and not something I've much experienced (e.g. the cock/balls to feet, and nipple clamps geting moved by chest ropes, etc.,)

Sub M, January 2023


Needlework Action at Facility X

We were both on time at the studio for our third session, this time, 3 hours of domination and control by Mistress Simone. Despite the wind and rain, she announced her entry as the tall Amazonian sensual Dominatrix by the click of her platform shoes on the floor and the rattle of the chains on the overhead hoist. OMG did she look amazing.

I knew my nipples would be exposed to her early attention, sensual fingers and painful clamps, and I was not disappointed. Then I was directed to the flogging bench, strapped and immobile, for 100 strokes on my back and arse with her favourite floggers. The timing, teasing and the variety in severity of each stroke made her skills and experience give me maximum pain, but pleasure. Then I was directed to the cage bed for my requested masochistic segment of our session - needles.

Secure on my back on the long bench, the needle torture began. Hygienically and slowly, the prick of each needle inserted with precision, skill and care, around my manhood glory until multiple fine needles had been inserted. The ambiance of the process with the skills of Mistress Simone made all a fantastic experience. Pictures were taken as evidence before all needles extracted. We will explore more and different needling area in our next session. Thank you.

Some final ws and suddenly, our session time was over. A shower, session post-mortem, and farewell all flowed through to exit. The smile on my face was there for all to see as I waited for my Uber to take me back to vanilla-land. Fantastic session, amazing Mistress, lucky me.

Sub SF, January 2023


What an experience from a tall strong goddess. Loved the way you lifted me. Super tall, super strong, great looking! Really exceeded my expectations. x

LoveTall, August 2022


A really enjoyable session with Ms Simone ,at 6 foot 6 inches in heels she has a unique style and personality that made this really enjoyable.

Grahbee, January 2022


I had a wonderful time beneath the feet of this very beautiful tall mistress. She expertly made sure that I got exactly the session I was looking for.

Undersoles, February 2020

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