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Kinks & Specialities: 

I have a particular interest in sessions involving the following: CBT (Advanced and beginner), Cock and ball bondage, Sounding, Needle Play (CBT and body), Nipple Play (Sensual and/or sadistic), Skin Stapling, Feminisation (Forced or encouraged), Bimbofication, Hypnosis, Mindfuck and Indoctrination, Forced Intox, Rope Bondage, Mummification, Fisting, Tie Tease and Denial, Financial Domination and Sensory Play/Deprivation. 

Other areas of interest:

  • Height Worship

  • Comparison and Humiliation

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Spanking and Impact Play

  • Ball Busting

  • Mommy Domme and ABDL

  • Hardsports and Watersports

  • Forced Feeding FTT

  • Tease and Denial

  • Anal play and Pegging

  • Ruby Showers

  • Roman Showers 

  • Shoe/Heel/Boot worship

  • Smoking Fetish

  • Foot / Leg / Stocking Worship

  • Foot Domination and Trampling

  • Chastity / Key Holding

  • Domestic Servitude

  • Facesitting 

  • Fetish Event / Club Companion

  • Financial Domination and Shopping

  • Pantyhose / Nylon Fetish

  • Sploshing 

  • Scent Worship

  • Wrestling (Non Comp + Semi Comp) 

  • Lift and Carry (up to 80KG)

  • Roleplay 

  • Degradation and Humiliation


Before filling out this form please ensure you have read My F.A.Q. page thoroughly. This is where you will find information about My rates and policies. Please check your spam folders for a response as replies to forms sometimes get sorted into spam. For enquiries about bookings longer than 12 hours fill out this form and send Me further details via email at These details are solely seen by Me and  are securely kept in an encrypted email. I will delete all our correspondence upon request. 

Thank you for your submission. Please be aware that I do not respond to emails on weekends. I will get back to you in the working week.

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