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  1. 18+ only. No exceptions. In visiting this website you agree that you are 18 or older. 

  2. I do not offer refunds. Refunds may only be considered if I am unable to provide the promised service.

  3. I will not work with someone who is rude, disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate. Inappropriate behaviour will result in a warning. A second instance of inappropriate behaviour will result in termination of service without refund.

  4. Do not negotiate. Do not ask Me for a discount. 

  5. Do not ask Me for sex, intimate body worship, or nudity. 

  6. When contacting Me communicate in a respectful manner, with good grammar and punctuation. How you communicate in your first message will decide whether I respond at all. 

  7. My limits are extreme ageplay, raceplay, fully competitive wrestling and lift and carry over 80KG. Do not ask Me to over-step them. I have soft limits around food play and sploshing; please include the type of food you're interested in playing with in your initial email. 

  8. A deposit is required for all sessions. This is a non-negotiable part of the booking process. I take deposit via bank transfer, WishTender, and giftcard with a 25% additional fee. A deposit of 50% or potentially upfront payment is required for HS bookings and bookings with extensive prep or travel time.

  9. Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of the remainder of the agreed upon tribute for the booking. Cancellations within 48 hours may be rescheduled with a rescheduling fee of 25% of the total booking cost. If rescheduling is not possible then a fee of the same amount must be paid. Cancellations of more than 48 hours notice may reschedule subject to a fee of £50-£100 depending on convenience. 


  1. How tall are you? 6'2/189cm

  2. How tall are you in heels? Depends on the heel. My tallest heels are 7" but you're welcome to buy Me taller ones.

  3. I'd like to bring you a gift, what should I bring? I always appreciate stockings in L or XL, books, good wine, bourbon and gin for My bar, and scented candles from Diptyque or similar high end manufacturers. You may consult My Wishtender for more ideas. 

  4. What are your rates? My rates are bespoke, as no two sessions are the same. ​I do have a preference for overnights and bookings with a social element and/or shopping involved, as well as extended bookings where I have free reign to explore the fetishes that interest Me the most. If you would like to plan a more extravagant session with Me please include your budget (if you have one) in your opening message.

  5. Do you offer doubles? Yes! I offer doubles with Dommes, subs, and escorts depending on the booking you have in mind. Look at My friends page or drop Me an email to discuss. 

  6. Will I get sick from consuming sports? Like many kink activities, consuming sports does carry a degree of inherent risk. However I take great care in consuming a proper diet before a HS booking, and generally am a very healthy person. I require a 24 hour notice period for this reason. In three years of offering this service noone has ever complained of getting sick. 

  7. Do you use enemas/laxatives before HS sessions? NO! This had never even occured to Me before I was asked! I offer HS sessions at the time it's natural for Me to go and I make sure I produce ample loads of good texture. 

  8. Do you travel? Yes. For bookings with over an hour travel time I require an additional fee of £50 per hour of travel on top of My outcall rate. For bookings of 3 hours+ travel time I require meals and accommodation be covered. Please fill out My booking form to enquire

  9. Do you offer nudity in sessions? I am not adverse to showing My body, however I do not do so on request. Do not ask either on application or in session. 

  10. Do you offer intimate worship? Again this is not a service I offer on request. Repeat clients may be offered the opportunity at an additional fee.

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