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I am a true International Amazon Dominatrix, standing 6'2 with UK 11 feet to match. Strong and powerful, I consider Myself physically and mentally superior to men in every way. 


I do not ascribe to rigid binaries in what I do. I will not be held to a rigid standard of what Female Dominants should and shouldn't do. I use My sexuality to get what I want and assert control over my submissives. Pleasure and pain aren't mutually exclusive but rather as an ouroboros - too much pleasure can easily become pain, and the right kind of pain is intensely pleasurable. 

I am both caretaker and tormentor. I will push you to the limits of your senses to warp your mind into an image of My own creation. Kink for Me is a ritual, a way to move outside the ego, and My kinks and specialities are tools I use to get you where I know you want to be.

I prefer longer arrangements with submissives, encounters which leave lasting impressions and are built over time. I'm a FMTY Dominatrix and I love to meet My subs abroad and give them the opportunity to serve Me over multiple days. Shows of devotion through extended periods of chastity, financial submission, and gifts are some of my favoured ways to build a powerful dynamic, rewarding to both sides of the slash. Time spent together socially can be just as much a part of the session as time in the dungeon, hotel, or incall, allowing for prolonged public teasing and subtle humiliation. 
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Funding My life and supporting My ambitions is the ultimate expression of service.

Bitcoin: 33Mzvyc7wtSyoR9FQt5wMcfNquXNbW66cf

Ethereum: 0xBb4F1F3C8Fe574f289f1a7A2a33389282CA54af9





I always appreciate practical giftcards from the likes of John Lewis,,

supporting My coffee habit, gourmet food adventures, My love of books or anything else you think may bring value to My life. 

I love luxury fashion and collect giftcards from Liberty and Selfridges.

I have a legitimate fetish for leather, silk, fur and hosiery. If you're a truly lucky and generous slave I may let you take Me shopping for these items. 

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