About Me 

December availability - 2,3,5,9,10,13,16,17,18,19,20,27,28,30

I first started to explore my dominance concurrently to my move to London; a little under three years ago. The first time I pissed on someone, I was hooked on filth, and I have only continued to descend further into degeneracy. 

I am a true Amazon, standing 6'2 with UK 11 feet to match. Strong and powerful, I delight in using My height to bully and overpower weak men. 


While I am often the demented sadist, taking pleasure in your suffering, humiliation and desperation, there is an undeniable maternal aspect to me. A caring sensuality which leads many to call me Mummy.


I do not ascribe to prudish sensibilities around Domme’s sexuality, using it to get what I want and assert control over my submissives, taking particular pleasure in tease and denial and cuckolding sessions with both male and female lovers. Other favourites include toilet humiliation, objectification, CBT, nipple torture, and impact play. 


I prefer longer arrangements with submissives, encounters which leave lasting impressions and are built over time. Shows of devotion through extended periods of chastity, financial submission, and gifts are some of my favoured ways to build a powerful dynamic, rewarding to both sides of the slash. Time spent together socially can be just as much a part of the session as time in the dungeon, hotel, or incall, allowing for prolonged public teasing and subtle humiliation. 
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