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  • Ms Simone Reage

MedFet Mentorship with Madame Li Ying - Needles, CBT, Sounding, Stapling, Electrics and More

Learning the arts of Domination is a daunting task, even more so when One wishes to venture beyond simple CBT, corporal punishment, bondage and the like. Unsafe practices, poor hygiene and misinformation are unfortunately far more common than they should be. This is why I am eternally grateful for the immense knowledge of Madame Li Ying, who has mentored Me in the arts of MedFet and advanced CBT for over a year now.

I first went to see her driven by My curiosity about using needles for CBT. As an erotic sadist, the act of piercing those tender parts is the kind of BDSM play that makes My wicked heart sing. I love to draw blood and having played with needles in My personal life I knew it was something I enjoyed. Learning how to use needles on the delicate anatomy of genitals requires a knowledgeable teacher, and so I reached out to Madame Li Ying, aware of her reputation as one of the UK’s premier medical Mistresses. She expertly guided Me through all aspects of genital play piercing, covering everything from the crown of thorns through the glans of the penis, to the correct way of needling the shaft and balls, as well as ways of combining needles with other forms of CBT and manipulating the needles for sensory play. Most importantly beyond technique She made sure I was left confident in incorporating needles into My sessions and using them for My own unique style of Domination.

Since then She has overseen My tuition in sounding, electrics, skin stapling and most recently ball nailing and provided Me with the confidence to offer these professionally to a high standard with proper hygiene protocols in place. She has not only mentored Me in a technical sense, but also provided follow up support to Me and My business and helped Me to attract the kind of clients I want to session with. I could not recommend mentorship with Madame Li Ying more for any Mistress wishing to advance Her career and offer MedFet and CBT services to a high professional standard.

To get in touch with Madame Li Ying for mentorship contact Her via Her website linked here

Photo 1 and 2 by Madame Li Ying

Photo 3 by Ms. Simone Reage

Other Mistress in header image is Mistress Mina

I am available for duos and trios with both Madame Li Ying and Miss Mina. Fill out My contact form to enquire.

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