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Money makes the world go round - Shopping, FinDom, and Tributes

In the world of FemDom, Financial Domination is surprisingly controversial. Where extreme pain, scat, vacbeds, and detailed medical procedures are seen as par for the course, Financial Domination seems to raise hackles. The idea that Dominatrices are receiving money for "nothing" is decried as unfair, as a fake approximation of Domination. The fact that a good number of Financial Dominatrixes are, or at least started off as, online only, adds to this reputation. But, we all operate as online selves. As much as Dominatrixes thrive in the dungeon, it is Our online avatars many of us are known by. All submissives, until they take the step to session with us IRL, are worshipping a carefully curated projection of our brands. While W/we may claim the physical world is the 'real', for many, if not most, the online is as integral a part of their everyday as the physical. Online Domination is no less real than a meeting in Zoom.

To Me, Financial Domination is the purest form of power exchange. Money is power. Capital is control. Part of the joy of Domination is transgressing social and class boundaries in ways that you never dreamed of. There are experiences I never thought I'd get to have, hotel suites I never thought I'd get to stay in, amounts of cash I never thought I'd get to touch, and it's all there at My fingertips. I may have to live in a patriarchal society, but at least for the duration of a session, at least in My world, I can make it a Matriarchy. "Money for nothing" means that you want to serve Me in the purest way, expecting nothing in return. "Money for nothing," means that you are willing to make your life materially worse off, in exchange for making Mine better.

In My opinion, shopping, gifts and the like do not constitute true Financial Domination. They are a thank you for a job well done, a token of appreciation, but they do not get at the core of Financial Domination. To be a financial submissive is to send for no reason other than to submit. To feel the degradation of relinquishing power to a Dominant Woman. Gifts to show appreciation, shopping, and spoiling are a completely normal and expected part of almost all aspects of society. A man, whether submissive or not, spoiling a woman is not subversive, it is normal. It is how Western society has operated since its inception. Now that is not to say that I do not appreciate it. I love to be spoiled, I love to go shopping, and I love to do it all on a man's credit card. Perhaps one of My earliest FemDom experiences was being taken shoe shopping by a boyfriend eager to impress Me. But it's not Financial Domination. It's just a show of appreciation.

There is something singularly erotic about shopping with a submissive for Me. I think it's the way their eyes light up. The blushing and stammering every time I come out of the changing room. The way I know exactly what shoe, toy, or item of clothing will send them wild with desire. The way the sales assistant probably knows exactly what's going on, as We share a wry smile over My submissive's shoulder. The delicious anticipation of exactly how the items W/we purchase will be used in play, if they get used at all. Or the simple pleasure of running up a tab buying books and beautiful things solely for My benefit, allowing the submissive the honour of purchasing something that will be added to My collections forever.

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