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On the Pleasures of Extended Bookings...

If you've followed Me on social media for any amount of time you will already know I love My food. They don't call Me GastroDomme for nothing. My greatest pleasures in life are food, kink, art, and fashion. When I am able to combine two or more of those things I am a very happy Mistress. I consider Myself a true hedonist, seeking out the extremes of human experience - bringing a submissive along for the ride can make a simple dinner an exciting feast for both of us.

Finding opportunities for filth in public is a delicate balancing act; the consent of all around us must be considered. However that spurs the creative mind - what can we get away with? What tasks can be completed furtively, in restaurant bathrooms or down an alley? Which of your triggers can I push secretly with a hidden language of humiliation only you and I understand?

Extended bookings also allow us to take our dynamic out of the playspace and into the realm of the real. While I do not have the time or the inclination to take on a 24/7 slave, I do feel like the power dynamic is reinforced within a real world context. Whether it be the simple act of carrying My bag, or footing the bill for a Selfridge's shopping spree, extended bookings allow you to experience a taste of what it would be like to be My lifestyle submissive.

There are also some kinds of play that really benefit from longer periods of time together. Chastity, for example. While you may not be able to wear a cage for many days at a time, wearing a cage for just an hour or two doesn't really allow you to experience the full mental affects of orgasm denial. However, a full day or night of delicious teasing? It will have you on your knees, begging Me for release. Imagine Me playing footsie with you under the dinner table, taunting you after a long day or shopping for lingerie and latex, watching Me try everything on but being unable to touch. Then on to a five star hotel room for more explicit play.

My most recent extended booking was with a long term online submissive of Mine who had flown in from the States. He booked the hotel I chose, brought Me a gift of the perfume of My choice, and took Me for dinner at a restaurant I had wanted to go to for a long time. I took him to Regulation and got him fitted for his first cage, he watched Me try on lingerie in Agent Provocateur straining all the while, and we sipped scotch while I teased him relentlessly. It was a wonderful 24 hours which deepened our dynamic and encouraged him to go deeper into submission, and push his own limits.

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