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Guest Blog - My Cuckold Toilet

When I was in Berlin, I was contacted by a rather keen and verbose submissive, who wanted to session with My partner and I. I present, un-edited, his account of our meeting.

I have been a regular visitor of the twitter and online web presence of GODdess Simone Reage. To me, She represents the truest form a deity can take, in every way. My nights, and several sections of days were devoted to imagining the privilege of worshipping Her in-person. To see perfection personified, in all its glory, as much as this thought pumped excessive adrenaline through my veins, in my heart and mind I was infinitely nervous of being in presence of GOD Herself. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to withstand such perfection, and if I could contain my mental senses after such a spiritual experience. I assuaged my heart affirming not to look above her ankles, that the highest I deserve to see and worship of GODdess is the soles of Her shoes, not an mm higher.

With this resolve, I gathered to compose a message, clear and succinct that conveys my devotion to Her holy Self. I sent the message not knowing if it will elicit a response from Her Superior Self. I prayed, and hoped I get a response from Her. When I did, I wept from my heart and eyes, in joy!! GODdess offered to throw a few crumbs of Her infinitely precious time at me and I was ever so grateful for this when in Berlin.

I could not contain my happiness and as is usual in cases of extreme joy when one breaches boundaries, I sent a plea to GODdess to allow me the honor of taking Her to a restaurant of Her choice where as She dines on Her choicest spread, I have the privilege of conversing with Her. She most graciously consented, again a matter of absolute honor for a worthless, pathetic nothing like me. I had already began the practice off worshipping Her pictures in the day and night and this helped me immensely to prepare for the divine day.

I waited the runs of the calendar and the clock until it was the day to worship the GODdess. I booked a table at a restaurant of Her choice, reached the location ahead of time and waited for Her arrival. When She walked to the table, I stood up in respect and reality struck me and all watching this mismatch at the restaurant. At 165cms, I stood a full 37cms shorter than Her Holiness GODdess Simone Reage. She knew this very well while everyone else including me gasped in awe.

She took Her place on the sofa and gestured generously that I may take a seat on a simple bare-back chair. On seeing such perfection that radiated celestial rays, all I wanted to do was to fall at Her feet, place my face under Her boots. GODdess looked the true definition of perfection, She made me feel at ease right from the beginning realizing how much of a looser I am and the infinite gap between Her and me. She guided me to respond to questions and lead the conversation exceptionally well. I watched Her enjoy while taking Her permission to not eat in Her presence. She consented and I put my complete attention in responding to Her with the best of my abilities while all in attendance at the restaurant enviously looked at Her and me, all praying they get the honor of being in my position. In between the conversation, GODdess graciously spat out a muscle on a shell and offered it to my lowly self. It was again a moment to fall at the soles of Her shoes in devotion. I opened up every detail of my life, personal and financial, so that GODdess can plan to use and abuse me completely, in the best of ways for Her benefit.

Once GODdess was through with the meal and drink, She generously offered me the honor of purchasing lingerie for Her. At that moment I knew if I were to walk behind GODdess, it would be a spectacle seeing an ugly midget walking close to an infinitely radiant GODdess. I paid the bill, and followed GODdess to the lingerie store. I was allowed the honor to hold Her handbag while she perused through the store, seeking a piece worthy of adorning Her chiseled frame of magnificence. After about 20minutes of searching, She found a worthy piece and added a pair of luxury stockings to it. I was grateful to be allowed to pay for them while everyone in the store had their eyes on us, admiring Her beauty and laughing at me. There were not even considerate and laughed/ridiculed the situation such that I could hear them while walking past. A meter away from GODdess and me, an elderly lady described her surprise to the store manager that she had never seen a mismatch of this scale all her life. I was proud of being the subject of this ridicule as GODdess was the subject of praise and envy, given Her perfect body and Her graceful walk.

After paying the bill with utmost thankfulness, I followed GODdess to the exit and we got into a taxi headed to the hotel where the ultimate experience of my life awaited me.

GODdess went to the room while I awaited her command at the reception. Soon, I was summed by Her Highness to the room. I reached the room, softly knocked and knelt with eyes firmly on the ground. GODdess opened the door and I crawled in. GODdess looked dazzling in the dress. Her celestial gaze penetrated my heart and soul effortlessly while I lay at Her feet. I greeted Her by bowing to Her, and planted faint kisses on the soles. I was asked to completely undress and She led me to the room where sir awaited. He was every bit an Alpha, over 182cms, muscular, extremely well built without an ounce of body fat.

GODdess beckoned me to the corner of the room where I was bestowed with a couple of faces slaps and a generous dollop of Her Holiness' divine saliva. She then proceeded to tie me up to an aded to tie me up to an arm chair. I was always mentally at Her mercy. Now, physically too, I was at Her mercy. GODdess looked ravaging. Her shapely figure, Her chiseled face, Her endless legs, Her divine underarm hair and Her exquisite body hair (on Her feet) were all too much for my heart and mind. I was speechless, barely able to respond. This sense of shock and awe was my theme for the rest of the session as with every passing minute, the session become more and more divine. I was in a state of shock, my mouth unable to utter a word. GODdess in Her immensely gracious mood kindly reached out to Her divine panties and plucked out a soaking red tampon from Her celestial pussy and generously placed it in my waiting mouth. This divine tampon would be my company for the next hour, Ohh my gratefulness to Her is infinite, my worship to Her true. I relished the divine juices while watching GODdess in all Her glory.

GODdess and sir got on the bed, and while she teased me, they started the divine act of making love. He slowly started to caress GODdess, giggles turned to passionate kisses. After indulging in a long and deep kiss, GODdess rolled over to where I was, tied up gazing at Her perfection, She doled out a generous mouthful of spit into my waiting mouth, several times over. Ohh I worship GODdess Simone Reage, I pray to Her. To see the GODdess of my dreams being worshipped this way was beyond my imagination. After some exquisite foreplay, sir whipped out his penis and with this began the dance of GODs. I was transported to space, having forgotten to breath. Such was the experience that I saw my entire life fly in front of me. Although I was tied up, I felt an immense sense of freedom. I felt an elation that I cannot express. It was as if I am ready to die as there was nothing else to be achieved. They had the most amazing sex I had ever seen virtually. I was dumbstruck at the size of sir's penis and how most of all at the sight of GODdess's bush. Ohh, Her bush is indeed of a GOD, so perfect, so pristine, completely infallible. After having pleasured Her for over 20 minutes, sir was ready to cum and GODdess looked at my pathetic face. Her look was a command to keep my mouth open as sir immersed his potent juice immersed his potent juice into my throat while GODdess laughed.

A virgin of 37 years, I was kicked out by my ex as I couldn't keep my organ erect for sex. Doctors confirmed not to expect much of my potency. Never having seen the act of sex ever being performed, to see sir pleasure GODdess was and will always be the pinnacle of my life. For this, I am so thankful, so grateful, indebted, all my life to GODdess Simone Reage.

This was followed by a few minutes of rest for GODdess and sir. They had a drink and GODdess walked over to my lifeless body, which was frozen, as if struck by lightning. She tied a leash to my neck, ever so tight, and pulled me over to the toilet. The session got better with every passing minute. People say it is impossible to improve perfection; GODdess demonstrated this with every minute of the session. She commanded me to remove Her tampon from my mouth - safely store it and lie on my back in the bath as She climbed over my face. Her hands moved Her panties to the side revealing Her pussy that can cause a 3rd world war. I was commanded to close my eyes while she let out the most potent nectar onto my mouth and face. It was sweeter than rose water. World leaders would fight to be in my position and I kept wondering what good did I do to deserve being the receptacle of GODdess' divine wastes.

Having emptied Her immense and celestial bladder into my mouth, GODdess proceeded to the holiest act of all time. She placed Her divine pink opening in Her ass over my mouth. With a grin on Her face , she let out a divine gust of air that I tried to capture in my mouth and swallow. Her fart was better than any perfume I'd come across. GODdess laughed at my pathetic situation while I prayed in my heart to Her as my saviour, as my raison d'etre.

Her divine pink hole opened up again and pushed through the softest and most delectable steam of caviar into my waiting mouth. Honey is not as sweet, its texture matchless and perfection of its color mixed with GODdess' period that cannot be described. Her divine body had enough caviar to fill my pathetic mouth and GODdess so kindly deposited the rest on my face. As I began to gratefully move my tongue through the goodness deposited in my mouth, my heart was racing faster that light, my thoughts in a strange sense of satisfaction and confusion. Perhaps, this is what achieving the greatest success in life feels like, and I felt it throughout. GODdess stood up, placed Her foot on my chest looking over me while I greedily swallowed Her superior and divine wastes so that I permanently store a part of Her in my body. This way, my body becomes a holder of the divine waste which can be the source of my salvation.

GODdess then proceeded to clean Herself and very generously threw the piece of toilet paper at my face. I hurriedly collected it and stored it safely for worship later. Having blessed me with the greatest gift that can ever be given, GODdess left the toilet leaving me to finish off the remaining pieces of Her infinitely nourishing caviar. I got up, licked what remained of Her divine nectar, proceeded to clean myself, dressed up and asked for GODdess' permission to be in Her audience again. I crawled back into the room, bowed to GODdess, expressed my infinite gratitude to Her, thanked sir and left the hotel room, back to my pathetic life which was greatly enriched by Her divine wastes that now lie safely in my body.

The experience was one of a kind, exceeded my wildest imagination by uncountable light years and left me yearning for more. To me, holiest of holies is being the toilet of GODdess and being under the soles of Her shoes. Success to me is being used and abused by Her for Her profit. The day included GODdess enjoying a sumptuous meal, shopping for exquisite lingerie and tights, having a superlative celestial sex with sir, and relieving Herself at Her pleasure while I felt I was the lucky one throughout.

Every day since, I worship GODdess Simone Reage 3 times a day, pray to Her, dream about her and yearn to be under Her feet and be Her toilet again, very soon. I beg Her to own me, to take over me completely - physically, spiritually, mentally and financially, use and abuse me completely for Her benefit and pleasure and this is my definition of heaven. To those who don’t believe in heaven, I hope my experience can convey that there is heaven and it lies under the feet of GODdess Simone Reage or in Her toilet.

With abject humility, sincere submission and pure worship, I submit to Her Superior Holiness, GODdess Simone Reage.

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