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A Very Cucky Valentine's Day - Spend Valentine's Day with London Cuckold Mistress Simone Reage

In a little over a week’s time, it will be Valentine’s Day, and you, like thousands of other sexual failures, will probably spend it with your hand, some tissues and a bottle of lube. If you even have enough self respect to treat yourself to lube. Meanwhile, as a London Cuckold Mistress I will be cooking an absolutely lavish meal for My lover - dining out on VDay is for chumps - before getting stupendously railed, and potentially visiting a sex party or two. Now you could limit yourself to your sad and lonely goon sesh, or you could take My advise, and spice up your Valentine’s Day by leaning into your true cuck desires, with My countdown of the best ways a cuck can spend the day of love… 

London Cuckold Mistress Simone Reage and Her Bull
London Cuckold Mistress Simone Reage and Her Bull

  1. $end the night away: 

This is the most obvious way for any cuck to spend his (or her) VDay. $end $end $end away to your favourite London Cuckold Mistress (Me). Make sure your favourite hotties are well fed, well dressed, well fucked, and well taken care of. Put My lover and I up in a stunning hotel for the night (giftcards to please and thank you), make sure I’m dressed in the finest lingerie and hottest outfit, and ensure we are well fed and fully stocked up on caviar for My lover to consume from My most intimate places. Your generosity will be rewarded graciously. 

  1. Goon to My Clips

Of course the next best thing you can do is go completely brainless, pump pump pumping away to My clips and porn. Binge them all, watch one after another, lose your mind obsessively stroking to each and every one of My clips. Follow Me on LoyalFans and stroke yourself silly to My glorious photos. What better way to spend a solo VDay than gooning over a completely unattainable London Cuckold Mistress?

  1. Fuck yourself: 

Literally go fuck yourself. Spend the day training that tight little hole for a good hard pounding because that is the only way you’re ever getting fucked by Me. 

  1. Grind it out: 

Why not hop on Grindr and find yourself an equally desperate loser to get screwed by? You could even try and make some money off it! Just remember to send it all to Me

Of course, I saved the best for last. The ultimate way for a cuck to spend his lonely little Valentine’s Day is to spend it with a London Cuckold Mistress and Her lover in one of London’s finest hotel rooms. You’ll be locked into chastity, your key placed on a delicate silver chain around My neck where it will dangle tantalisingly nestled in My cleavage. We will go out for dinner and you will be forced to watch as My lover and I engage in a little PDA and a lot of dirty talk. You won’t be devoid of attention, perhaps you will be slipped a pair of panties to put on, or a special cocktail to drink. Back to the hotel and you will be bound, unable to move. Perhaps you will be used as My toilet, or even My toilet paper. My lover and i will fuck, and perhaps you will be allowed to watch or perhaps your senses will be stripped from you, slowly returned one by one as I see fit. When We are done with our fucking, you may be allowed to clean up, if you’ve proven yourself a sufficiently worthy cuckold. If this sounds like your dream VDay, or you have another equally engaging fantasy for an overnight, fill out My booking form

Valentine’s Day only - quote “Valentine’s Day” and get a 12 hour cuckolding overnight for £1500 (plus hotel and dinner costs to be covered by you).

London Cuckold Mistress Simone Reage and Her Bull
London Cuckold Mistress Simone Reage and Her Bull

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