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Guest Blog - Testimonial - An Afternoon in Bayswater.


"November 18, 2022 - An Afternoon in Bayswater."

How much I was looking forward to my first meeting and session with Amazon Mistress Simone. We met in a studio new to both of us. The ambience of the studio and the wonderful dominating presence of Amazon Mistress Simone was a foretaste of kinky things to come. Her pictures on her website and Instagram just do no justice to the meeting the actual live and sensual beauty of this strong and controlling Amazon Mistress.

At my request, she was wearing red latex and she stood tall in her high heels. Tall and strong, beautiful and sensual. Just so good to dominate me for 2 hours.

At the start, I was totally overpowered by her touch on my nipples, as a start to a long play, combining sadistic pain with erotic pleasure. I was able to take strong nipple clamps and her strong fingers. After my nipples were so tender, we moved to the bench for a more expansive examination of my body, with floggers, hands and intrusive painful toys. We moved on to the spanking bench and a severe flogging of 100 + strokes was administered at a variety of pain and intensity. It seems to last for ages and watching Mistress Simone through the mirror for each stroke and counting, was part of my pleasure from the stinging pain. Real power in motion.

Time passed through my domination and worship. It seemed to be such pleasure to be abused and humiliated by Mistress Simone. It was pleasure to be exhausted by her wonderful domination.

All was over too quick but I will remember with total recall our first session. It was much more than I could have expected. I will be arranging sessions for Amazon Mistress Simone to take me to further degradation and experiences.

Thank you for making everything so fantastic.

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